This service is surprisingly popular considering it is quite a unique way of changing an office and building layout. It is unique because there are few buildings which could accommodate another floor being added into it. This said the buildings which can manage to house mezzanine floors are usually warehouses and very large office areas with high ceilings or roofs.

Mezzanine floors are a great way of expanding an office area because they are much cheaper in comparison with extending a property or even moving into a new property in order for you business to function in the capacity which is needed. What is more is that mezzanine floors can effectively double your working space so they are an incredibly cost-effective project to carry out.

We have completed dozens of projects of this nature so we are well versed in completing these kinds of jobs. We are able to guarantee our work and we can source, supply and build with fire resistant materials and comply with all building regulations and planning permissions.

However, it is not just mezzanine floors which we can complete but we also carry out general building works too. This work includes the likes of creating openings in walls, plaster boarding, extensions, plastering, rendering, repairs, brickwork, block work, structural changes, flooring, steelwork, security gates which are automated, carpentry including specially made staircases, ironwork.

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