Many business owners find it very difficult to correctly lay out their office space and order appropriate furniture, because it can be tricky to imagine how an empty space will look and function once it is furnished. This can lead to expensive mistakes, as furniture is ordered that doesn’t fit well or offer the functionality that workers need, and waste time as you move bulky furniture around to try to find a layout that works.

A great way to avoid this problem and save money in the long-term, is to use a computer-aided design (CAD) program to lay out a virtual model of the office space, into which you can add and take away pieces of furniture, which are drawn to scale, to find out which options work the best. Using CAD can show you many potential layouts and options for your office environment, with the ability to add, remove or move items around until you’re completely happy with the final layout. You can even model the finishing touches to the room, such as colours of walls and flowers or artwork. Modelling your office in this way can also help you to work out where furniture needs to be sited in relation to fire exits, how much space is needed for walkways between work stations, and even where bespoke furniture might be beneficial, such as a corner reception desk.

At Interior Concepts, this CAD modelling is a core part of our office furniture service. Our clients find it an exciting and straightforward way to visualise their new office layout, which helps them to make the right furniture choices first time. Not only do we help you visualise your space, but we also help you to maximise it, and we cannot recommend this process to you highly enough.

When you’re happy with the final layout of your office space, we can supply, deliver, assemble and install the furniture you require for your workspace to function effectively. This includes all kinds of office furniture, including desks, pedestals, filing cabinets, cupboards, chairs, tables and much more. If you need a helping hand, we can advise you on the best materials and options of furniture you may wish to choose. We make it our mandate to supply your office furniture quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, no matter what size your business or organisation is. With such a comprehensive office furniture service, why look anywhere else to help you furnish your office?

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