We distribute office furniture for a host of furniture manufacturers and suppliers and do so for a vast number of clients at any one time. We are registered distributors for some of the largest furniture brands. We have a huge variety of stock and large quantities of stock. Anything which we currently don’t have in any of our storage warehouses can be quickly and easily acquired and delivered.

We handpick items which we know will be fantastic pieces in your office. We consider the practicalities of the piece of furniture as well as the aesthetics of it and how it will fit into your design scheme.

Some of the items we have in stock within our warehouses are desks, chairs, accessories, tables, desk chairs, foot rests, pedestals, storage solutions, screens and more. We cover every piece of furniture you could wish for. If there is ever a piece of furniture you require such as specialist items then we can source these on your behalf. We have fantastic connections with some of the leading manufacturers and we know the price of furniture on the market as we continuously keep up to date with these things.

In saying this, we are able to meet the needs of some specialist institutions including educational establishments and swanky reception areas. We stock and supply educational furniture items such as pupil work desks, teachers’ desks and storage, pigeonholes and much more.

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