At Interior Concepts we can collect, deliver, install and manage the partitioning of all office and building spaces. What is more is that we keep a large number of partitions in stock so that we can complete the tasks customers require of us quickly – without the need for long waits for the partitions to be delivered. We also stock a range of different types of partition.

We can work to all requirements. For instance, glass partitions allow in lots of light and create a large, open effect while also giving some privacy by way of sound privacy and some visual privacy, especially when frosted glass is used. Frosted glass can be used for the bottom half of the partition, with clean glass being used in the top half.

Glass partitions come in a range of styles including the contemporary frameless glass walls to aluminium-framed glass partitions.

There are a few different types of glass partition. This includes:

Full height glass

Full height glass is glass which stretches from the ceiling to the floor. This is used by offices which are in need of complete visibility through the partitions and across the office space. It allows for large amounts of light to pass through the space. The glass can be single or double glazed. If privacy would be required at any point, there is the option of using blinds with these partitions.

Half solid glass

This is a partition which has glass at the top part of the partition wall while the lower part of the partition wall is made from solid materials such as wood. This enables certain pieces of furniture to be placed up against the walls without it looking messy. There is also the option of having a much larger section of solid wall with a small section of glass on top.

A mixture of solid and glass

This is a style which has the glass section in the middle of the partition so it still allows light through.

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