Furniture is one of those office refurbishment elements which is so much fun to plan out and implement. It is a very important part of the refurbishment process because other than the IT and computing equipment, it will be the most notable element of your office to your staff and your visitors.

It is well known that people make judgments about a place they do not know very quickly; let’s make sure the first time your customers walk through your doors they are bowled over by the creativity and design of your office.

This first and lasting impression can be made using bespoke pieces of furniture which add a touch of flair to an office environment. All too often, businesses adopt a design approach which just looks to the practicalities of the furniture they need with complete disregard as to what those pieces look like; whether they add a splash of colour to your office space or a comfortable and welcoming feel such as a large sofa being positioned in the reception area.

We can help our clients by advising them on furniture items which are on the market and which will enhance the brand our customers are building. For instance, using a loud colour for a few pieces of furniture will bring in a creative and bold element to your office.

We are aware of many types of furniture suppliers and we can collect, deliver, assemble where needed) and position the items of furniture you choose. We can also advise on the best places for the furniture you require, the best materials and the furniture options available to you.

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