Office partition walls used to be constructed with plaster board nailed into timber studs which were erected and installed and then plastered over to smooth off the finish. But over the years, office partitions have developed in incredible ways and now there are a huge range of partition walls for offices on offer.

The partitioning which was created in this way was unable to be moved because the plaster would have to be ripped off and the wall knocked down for it to be able to be moved! So in essence, these partitions were more like permanent walls. Thankfully, product design work has improved the office partition so partitions now offer much more flexibility in style, material and design for the office manager.

Now there are moveable partitions which can easily be disassembled and moved to another area in the office. This allows for huge flexibility in the use of space in office and is especially useful for offices which need hot desks, areas for calls to be made and also for young businesses which will grow and develop within an office area.

Partitioning can come with a variety of additional features including them offering storage as well as being a partition, come as fireproofed partitions and also be soundproofed partitions.

At Interior Concepts we can collect, deliver, install and dismantle partition walls in any office space.

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