We can supply, deliver and fit a massive range of blinds and film. We do this for large, medium and small office spaces and for office blocks. We can take on any sized project and we can deliver to offices which require help in all-glass and part-glass spaces.

Solar, opaque and colour films are a light covering for glass which masque the glass. These films are a great way of offering privacy to office workers. They can look incredibly professional and can also add a real flair of creativity to an office. They can also enforce the branding; what better than to have your logo and strap line or website displayed across your windows as a way of cheap advertising which can be seen by many? We find, therefore, that this is a popular choice among our clients.

Other ways we can help with privacy within glassed offices include our supply, delivery and installation of various kinds of blinds. These include vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds and wooden blinds. Blinds are a really great way of covering widows to give privacy and block out bright sunlight while also offering the ability of their being opened and allowing light in during the darker winter’s days.

We can advise on the best kinds of blinds for you and your requirements for your office.

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