Our building works span a range of skills such as plastering, rendering, wall repairs, creating wall openings, building extensions and refurbishing outbuildings and warehouses. We can every carry out structural alterations, carpentry (including specialist carpentry such as making staircases from scratch) and iron work.

We also provide our ever-growing mezzanine floor installation service. This is a very popular service because it offers businesses an extra floor of space without the need to move their office. In essence, it cuts the costs of an expensive move or extension. Mezzanine floors are a fantastic way of extending space without paying out lots of money in order to gain this space.

Obviously we comply with all the building regulations required and use fire resistant materials to complete our work. We can supply the materials should our customers wish or we can also collect materials to use which you have sourced.

The only major thing required for a mezzanine floor is enough height space in order to have enough height space for both floors which would eventually be available.

Mezzanine floors are usually very striking because they are not often found within office spaces – instead they are usually seen within galleries and artistic spaces. They can also be designed in such a way that they offer an incredibly impressive feature within the office space. Stunning staircases can help to create this attractive feature, the use of glass or bright colours. We have worked on mezzanine floors which also include a lift system which adds to the feature.

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