The layout of office spaces is one of the hardest things to get right first time. Just like a child’s bedroom set up, once you have designed where everything should go and moved it into place, it is often the case that certain elements do not quite work so you conduct a trial and error approach until you find the solution which works best for you. Needless to say that within a year or maybe two, tastes change or situations change and the room will see yet another reorganisation!

Changing the layout of an office space is not as easy as a bedroom but it can be made easier by using partitioning rather than knocking down walls, especially if you opt for the demountable and moveable partitions which are a popular partition choice. They often work out much cheaper than erecting permanent walls and offer such flexibility that they are in high demand.

Using partitions means that your office space can adapt with your business as it grows and changes. What may work one year may not be the best use of the space available to you for the next.

Furthermore, partitions are available in such a range of styles that there is guaranteed to be one which meets your requirements. From contemporary frameless glass to more traditional plasterboard, you can also install partitions with a range of added extras such as soundproofed and fireproofed partitions.

At Interior Concepts we can ensure a full design, installation and project management service that will be completed excellently and to the given deadline.

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