Interior Concepts prides itself on providing a fantastic project management service. We are able to deliver this top notch service for both very large and very small scale projects which we carry out. Our project managers are exceptional at their work and timeline and budget the works we take on very accurately. They do include a certain amount of contingency for any surprises which can happen with any project; even the most straightforward. As such, we almost never exceed either the budget or the time schedule set in place for each task.

We are committed to providing complete support to our customers so that both on site and off site we are supporting the work happening in their property. We fully understand and appreciate the stretch it can be for a business to embark on refurbishments and renovations and new layouts so we work hard to support each business we work with.

From the very initial stages of your project we spend a lot of time chatting with our clients so we can fathom their exact requirements and desires.

Once this is established and the project management and budget has been worked out and signed off by our client, we are ready to begin work! At this point we take over every aspect of the project using our tried and tested processes of monitoring. We always ensure that health and safety issues are flagged up in risk assessments and are overcome by applying health and safety policies at each stage of the project. We keep all of the documents and paperwork and receipts throughout the project.

While undertaking the project, we work hard to ensure as little interruption and disruption is made to your business as is practically possible. One of the ways we can manage to achieve this is because of our project management chart which details what part of the process is happening on what date. This enables managers of the business to work around tradesmen and make allowances for some of the interruptions which are impossible to avoid.

To make the office relocation – or new office renovation – as simple and straightforward as possible, we label all your goods and create a plan of when and how electrical goods will be moved and installed, as well as the furniture delivered and set up.

Storage is important in these office relocations so we provide storage for each of our clients while the office move is happening, or while an office area is having a fresh look and new layout. If new furniture is being delivered we can store this. Sometimes businesses have already started to buy furniture before the project is at a stage to receive the items.

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