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We have a very wide range of goods and services and because of this we find our customers and potential clients often have many questions they need answering. Some of the answers to questions we are asked are really dependent upon the project but there are some questions which we are asked frequently which we have included here.

If your question is not answered on this page, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily answer any question you have.

[toggle title=”What projects can you take on?”]We can take on any project, large or small. We are big enough to handle very large contracts and large refurbishments but we are small enough to take on smaller projects such as a simple painting job. Whatever your needs, we are sure we can meet them, so please call us today!

We specialise in seeing projects through from the very start to their completion! We start with asking questions of our clients to establish their overall brief for their office environment, the overall functionality of their space and their desired outcome. We then ask more structured questions to find out the details of our clients’ requirements. Sometimes our clients do not know these specifics but by asking the questions, we often help our customers come to some decisions.

We are extremely client focused, from the very beginning to the final handover stages of every project.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Are you paid by manufacturers or suppliers when you advise on products such as furniture or fittings?”]Absolutely not! We do not work to commission and we never will. It is something we are passionate about because we want to remain independent from any suppliers. If another supplier offers a better deal or improves their services, we will use them. That said, we keep in touch with the suppliers and manufacturers in the areas we cover so we know who the best are. This is an important part of our business, as we are only as good as our trades and suppliers making the deadlines.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is involved in your project management service?”] We cover a massive range of services with our project management. From helping you devise a brief for your office space to the last part of the installation, we will see your project through from start to finish. We cover things like managing trades on site, creating a programme of works for your project and ensuring it is adhered to, liaising with all the different partners involved in the project, managing your budget and sticking to it which also includes helping you to develop a budget, quality control and more.[/toggle][toggle title=”What kind of organisations do you provide your services for?”] We provide our services for any commercial sector. If you are unsure whether we can cater for your requirements, then please feel free to call us on 01403 820000.[/toggle][toggle title=”Can you carry out major building works?”]We are more than capable of carrying out small building works within a refurbishment or part new-build. We are not, however, builders, so cannot for example build a whole warehouse or office block from scratch. We are a ‘one stop’ interiors refurbishment business, offering a dynamic service within our sector.[/toggle][toggle title=”What partitioning do you offer?”]We provide all types of partitioning from all the leading manufacturers.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is client storage?”]Client storage is a service where we offer our business customers an individual secure storage space to store virtually anything you want whilst the refurbishment is taking place, and usually beyond![/toggle][toggle title=”Do I pay for storage weekly or monthly?”]Depending on the billing cycle we decide on a bill monthly, quarterly or annually in advance. Customers should receive their invoice ten days before payment is due.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is the minimum storage period?”]The minimum period is 28 days.[/toggle][toggle title=”What can’t I store in my room?”]You can store virtually anything except:
Living materials, such as animals and plants
Hazardous items such as flammable liquids or explosives
Items that can decompose
Unauthorised or illegal goods such as firearms.[/toggle][toggle title=”When can I access?”]All areas can be visited at no charge from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Interior Concepts Storage is closed on all Bank Holidays and Sundays[/toggle][toggle title=”What size rooms do you have?”]The area sizes vary, but the max height is 2400mm (8 foot) high.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do you have a removals or van service?”]Yes, we can offer a collection and delivery service of your goods. Please call us for details.[/toggle][toggle title=”What about insurance for my belongings?”]Your goods must be insured whilst in storage with us. We recommend that you insure your goods. We cannot take any responsibility for your goods on our premises.[/toggle][toggle title=”What areas do you cover?”]We cover London and the counties of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire including all the major towns and cities within these major south eastern areas such as:
Bognor Regis
Haywards Heath
East Grinstead

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