A suspended ceiling, also referred to as a dropped ceiling, is more often than not a second ceiling which hangs below another (usually structural) ceiling. It may sound like a strange concept and one which does not initially make sense but there are a number of reasons why people adopt suspended ceilings in their properties.

One very important benefit of suspended ceilings is their ability to help with the sound in a room. These ceilings offer a noise buffer from the rooms above and below them. Due to developments over the years, they are able to offer a very good quality soundproofing.  They also prove to make a room look tidier and more professional as they hide the bottom of the floor above as well as wires and other structural materials while at the same time allowing easy access to these structural elements at any time. Suspended ceilings also serve as an extra layer of insulation within a building; ideal for reducing energy bills.

At Interior Concepts we are able to supply, install and project manage the installation of suspending ceilings in all kinds of properties. We understand the different approach required for a bathroom at someone’s residential home compared to a suspended ceiling being installed within a hospital. We can also offer our expert advice as to which type of suspended ceiling would work best for which environment.

Having installed suspended ceilings for so many years, we are always able to deliver fantastic results, every time, meaning you can relax while we make your property look more attractive and offer the many benefits suspended ceilings have to provide.

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