Project management is one of those phrases that often crops up in business circles, but not everyone knows exactly what it means or what it involves. This means business owners can sometimes overlook the important of high-quality project management when it comes to their own business projects, particularly those involving construction or infrastructure expansion. However, project management can make the different between a project succeeding or failing, so it’s vital you invest properly in it and use a project manager with the skills and experience to make your project go smoothly.

Put simply, project management covers the calculations, costings, time scales and logistics involved in any project. A project manager will schedule all these aspects, ensuring that any deliveries of materials or tasks that need to be completed before another can start, will all happen at the right time. They will also look ahead to assess the potential impact of any delays or glitches, and ensure that contingency plans are put in place to minimise the impact of any such problems. As you can now see, project management is a very involved and technical role, and why it is so important to get it right.

Because a commercial build or refurbishment can represent a huge investment for your company, many businesses find it helpful to engage an expert project manager from an outside firm. At Interior Concepts we pride ourselves in delivering the most expert and reliable project management services, creating realistic and focused plans that will bring your aims to fruition with as little stress as possible and within the timescales you require. Engaging one of our project managers will give you a detailed and comprehensive plan which incorporates every stage of your project, and which you can use to gauge the progress and development of the work.

We are with you every step of the way in your project, as follows:

  • Initiation: sitting down with you to understand your requirements, preferences and practicalities, to build a list of exact criteria and the results you want to achieve.
  • Design and plan: from listening to your needs and immersing ourselves in your situation, we will combine our expertise with your vision to produce a design and project plan.
  • Budget: once a design and plan are in place, we will discuss the budget with you, and make any revisions that are necessary to achieve this.
  • Permissions and applications: if planning permission or other applications need to be lodged, we will carry this out on your behalf.
  • Initiation: once all necessary permissions have been gained, the project begins, including construction works, furniture, installations and so on, and we will report to you throughout its progress.

Thanks to our vast contracting knowledge and relationships within the industry, we are able to commit to a complete fit-out cost for you at a very early stage. This means you can be sure of total transparency and no nasty hidden surprises.

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