The size of your office space can be critical to the optimum functionality of your business activity. We often find businesses that grow fast are often cramped and generally staff moral can become suppressed through overcrowding. There’s a balance when selecting an office space that matches your footage requirements now and to allow for possible future expansion of your business. This method of selection in the early days can save a lot of money in the long term, as it may mean you can stay within your existing office space for longer, deferring the cost of relocating.

Some office space structures can be very tired and dated, and be restricted to the type and amount of M&E that can be integrated, where other office space can be modern state of the art and suitable for installation of all M&E systems. Other office space can be light and airy and others lack daylight and fresh air. Its therefore very important to look at the existing structure of a building during your selection process to insure there is the right ambience as an empty shell, as through experience when partitioning is installed into the office space the whole area begins to feel and function in a totally different way.

In our experience, it’s always a good idea to select your office space wisely!

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