Concealing ugly pipe work and electrical wires is one of the main reasons why companies and homeowners ask for a suspended ceiling to be installed at their property. However there are other benefits such as noise reductions, insulation and absorption.

At Interior Concepts We sit with our client and chat through their requirements with them so we are best able to advise them what kind of ceiling tiles to choose and what the best materials and options are available for their needs at that time.

For instance, we are able to source ceiling tiles which can offer extra sound resistance, humidity resistance or tiles which have hygienic properties (often required by food establishments).

However, we do not just help with advice, design, installation, supply and management of a suspended ceiling project. We also provide a service which updates and repairs existing suspended ceilings. For instance, we can clean suspended ceiling tiles or we can enable them to be more noise resistant by acoustic-coating the tiles. We can also install insulation pads to reduce the loss of heat; an important service considering up to a quarter of heat is lost through the ceiling and roof space of buildings. We will be honest and advise property owners whether or not it is worth carrying out repairs and updates as it may be more prudent for our customers to replace the ceiling in its entirety, depending on its condition.

We also provide the following kinds of tiles: sound absorption, thermal conductivity, coloured tiles, designer tiles, impact resistant tiles, light-reflective tiles, and more options.

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