Mezzanine floors are a far more popular addition to an office than people may think. Mezzanine floors offer a great addition of space without the need for costly and time consuming extensions or loft conversions. Mezzanine floors can only be installed in rooms which have high enough ceilings to house a second level without making either the original space or the new space too cramped. Due to the height required for a mezzanine floor to be added, they are often only installed in warehouses or large office spaces or offices with high ceilings.

Mezzanine floors are quite an original yet very clever way of adding more floor space to an office. They offer extra space without needing to move or expand. This cheaper alternative enables clients to increase their working area almost 100 per cent. This means that they are very cost effective.

Mezzanine floors also offer a variety of layout options. The new floor can be sectioned off so that it offers a private working area or it can be opened up so that it is an extension of the original floor below, or it can be a mixture of both.

As well as mezzanine floors, Interior Concepts also carries out larger structural jobs such as partitioning, brick work, block work, extensions, exterior walls, interior layouts and more.

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