There are so many different types of furniture which can be used in office spaces and we know of a huge swathe of shops and products that are on the market. We ensure we keep up to date with newly released products or ideas which are being worked on and this is so that we can offer our clients the very best knowledge of the market.

What is more is that we like to show our customers what the furniture will look like in their office so they can make choices on both products and layout. It is important to many clients to be able to see how much space a piece of furniture will occupy so they can effectively plan their office space and layout so that it fits all the equipment and furniture they need while not compromising on design. This can be achieved using our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software which maps out the layout of your room and accurately illustrates how much space a large desk will take up in a small, or smaller room, than it has been in before. This can save time and money as clients can play around with layout so that the items of furniture they want to incorporate in the new design of their office will be able to fit, and look good.

All too often businesses measure spaces and buy furniture without considering how closely positioned those items will be and, deciding the office looks too cramped, will return the product at a great expense of time and sometimes money.

Choose Interior Concepts and we will help at every level we can. Don’t delay and take advantage of our expertise today!

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