An increasingly popular way of segregating office space is through the use of office partitioning. This is particularly true for businesses who are looking for more cost-effective and flexible ways to divide up their space. Partitioning offers a tidy way to zone off sections of an office, and is much cheaper than using brickwork to divide the space.

Interior Concepts is a leading office partitioning company, able to deliver, install and oversee partitioning in all sizes and shapes of office and industrial spaces. We even custom-build and fit partitioning to fit into more awkward spaces. The options available for partitioning are varied and include solid partitions, soundproofed partitions, glass partitions, fire-proofed partitions, de-mountable and moveable partitions, and many more, depending on your requirements. We are also skilled as repairers and enhancers of existing partitioning in your building.

Our extensive experience with a huge number of design projects in this field means we can help our clients understand the issues and potential pitfalls with ideas they may have for their office partitioning. We use this expertise to sit down with our customers and talk through all the design options, to help them choose and purchase the right partitioning for them. Using this project-based service might take a little time but it can save you a lot of money in the long term, as it reduces the need to change fixtures and fittings after the partitioning has been installed, which obviously represents quite a cost to do after the design phase. Our professional and skilled team will help you get it right first time, so contact us today to find out how our office partitioning service can help you and your business.

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