Office Refurbishment Sussex

If you live in Sussex and you are fed up of the look of your office and you are thinking about updating your office or refurbishing it, then look no further than Interior Office Concepts. We are an interior office design company which specialises in almost every job involved in office refurbishment.

We are based in Sussex and we can complete office refurbishment work for almost any business in the county. In the past we have carried our refurbishment projects, new build projects and smaller projects for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, schools, play groups, industrial businesses and more.

One of our specialities is in partitioning offices with a variety of materials. Partitioning can be solid such as using composite or plasterboard, glass, soundproofed, fireproofed, demountable and moveable and more. We can install each of these types of partitions in almost any kind of office or building. Partitions are popular because they are more easily removed than brick walls so businesses can adapt their space to suit their needs at any time. If you have a business which is anticipating much change or is new and will expand, then demountable and moveable partitions are recommended.

For buildings, offices and businesses who want their offices refurbished in Sussex we also recommend using the highly sophisticated glass partitions. Glass partitions are incredibly useful because they allow light to flood through a large office area, they can be soundproofed to block out most noise and they create the feeling of a large area of space. Glass is modern and clean cut and what is more, we can create logos which can be embedded into the glass. This is something which sticks out in your customers’ minds as the glass work is eye-catching and the logos will further enforce your branding.

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