When it comes to office relocation, we are the company for you. We have moved dozens of offices in the time we have been operating so we have created well planned out processes and schedules for office relocation. We know how to approach such a task and do so methodically, carefully and in a meticulously planned way. This means that on the moving day, all employees know exactly what to do and the timescales they have to work towards. We cover every single detail when it comes to your office relocation, from mapping out which room should be packed first through to the final box being unpacked. We can organise van hire, storage (we have our own storage facility which our customers can use) packing, moving, unpacking and the set up of your new office.

We will give you a full and complete itinerary of your removal so that you know exactly what is happening at which stage. This means you can pop in at key parts of the move such as being present at the new property while we’re unloading the vans. It also means you can make tweaks to the relocation plans if needs be.

Take the stress out of your office relocation and choose Interior Concepts as your relocation company.

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