Due to our extensive experience and expertise in the industry we work in, we are able to install suspended ceilings which fit around a number of structural components such as lighting features, bulkheads, wooden beams or RSJs and many other elements.

We make sure your ceiling looks fantastic while allowing access to the structural services which it is covering from view.

Suspended ceilings are not always installed as a way of hiding features such as piping, wiring, uneven surfaces and so on. These false ceilings are often used as a soundproofing mechanism. This is especially popular in office blocks in which different floor or different office spaces are rented by different businesses.

Suspended ceilings block loud footsteps, chair movements, loud chatter and other noises. Some companies need to have quiet for the nature of the work they carry out. This is true for those conducting telephone calls or those companies which are in need of a quiet environment in which to concentrate.

What is more is that suspended ceilings can also offer enhanced sound absorption and distribution, depending on the quality of the ceiling product you choose.

At Interior Concepts we are dedicated to helping you choose the best suspended ceiling for your needs and will give you our advice free of charge. Call us today for more information.

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