Many modern commercial buildings are constructed to have a very contemporary appearance, which often includes large glass windows which can surround an entire workspace. This is a real bonus for some businesses, such as retail shops, but for others this can affect the workers’ temperature and visibility, and so negatively impact on their work.

At Interior Concepts, we are experts of working with glass of all kinds and can work with you to improve how the glass in your workspace supports your workforce. Our strong relationships with many glass manufacturers mean we can supply and work with a wide range of kinds of glass including toughened internal glass, laminated exterior glass, kitchen splash backs, kitchen worktops, bespoke glass products, glass shelving and coloured glass.

If privacy and visibility are an issue in your office space, we can supply and fit glass film. The kinds of film we offer include solar films, frost matt films, coloured films and texture finish films. These films can even be personalised for your business, for example including your logo, working, shapes or colours. This means that not only will your privacy be improved, but you will also be able to advertise your business to the wider world. Glass film works for both interior and exterior windows, as well as internal glass partitions.

If you’re not keen on the idea of glass film, then you could consider blinds as a way of blocking out excess light and improving privacy. Our experience in the industry means we have excellent relationships with all the best manufacturers and suppliers of blinds, meaning we can collect and install the right type of blinds for your windows. Options for blinds include vertical blinds, venetian blinds and roller blinds, with vertical blinds being a popular choice for many offices. These can be fitted to different widths and come in a range of materials. Meanwhile, venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats which can be pivoted by a cord to control the amount of light that comes through the window. They come in a range of materials including wood, plastic and metal. Lastly, roller blinds are a popular choice as they present excellent value for money, being made of single pieces of material. These are usually fabricated from stiffened polyester or fabric and controlled using a thin chain on one side.

Another finishing touch we can supply for your workspace is workplace signage, including internal and external signs, health and safety signage, fire exit signs, window graphics, ceiling signs and modular directories. Signage can be very eye-catching and there are many creative options available that will help advertise your business as well as creating the perfect finish to your premises.

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