Exposed ugly pipework or electrical wires are a sure-fire way to detract from the appearance of any room, whether in a domestic or commercial property. A popular way to conceal them is through the installation of suspended ceilings, which can provide a clean, stylish finish to a room, as well as potentially providing many other practical benefits.

A suspended ceiling can provide many benefits, depending on the tiling options you choose. These may include:

  • noise reduction
  • thermal insulation
  • humidity resistance
  • hygienic properties
  • impact resistance
  • light reflection.

All these options mean that there’s a suitable suspended ceiling construction for any kind of room. For example, in an open-plan office, a suspended ceiling that absorbs sound and reduces noise, can be very helpful to staff going about their work. Alternatively, in a kitchen environment, you may wish to choose tiles with humidity resistance and/or hygienic properties.

Suspended ceilings aren’t all about the ceiling tiles, however. You will also need to choose an assembly method, such as concealed metal gridwork, which is ideal for tiles made of mineral or metal. More commonly, most offices choose exposed metal gridwork, as it is very versatile and can work with a range of different tiling systems. For a smooth and flawless finishing, the MF-type grid ceiling system is an excellent choice.

To find out more about suspended ceilings and which options might be right for you, contact Interior Concepts today to learn how we can help. We are experts in advising, designing, supplying, installing and managing all aspects of a suspended ceiling project for any kind of room or property. To make sure we fully understand all your requirements, we will take the time to sit down and listen to you, so that we can advise you on what kind of ceiling tiles you may wish to choose, and which materials or options may best suit your requirements at the time. Further options of ceiling tiles you may be able to choose from include coloured tiles, designer tiles and many more, meaning you’re sure to find a suspended ceiling solution that fits ideally into your room.

Our services aren’t limited to new suspended ceilings though. We can also update and repair any existing suspended ceilings. Because of our expertise in this field, we will always advise customers of the likely costs and benefits of any improvements, including informing you if it may be more cost-effective and straightforward for your ceiling to be replaced, rather than refurbished. However, if your ceiling is suitable for repair or enhancement, we can offer many services such as cleaning ceiling tiles, acoustic-coating ceiling tiles to improve noise resistance, or installing insulation pads to reduce the loss of heat. The latter is particularly useful if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, as up to a quarter of all heat is lost through the ceilings and roof spaces of buildings.

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