Glass forms a vital part of many workplaces, allowing both light and heat into a building, as well as being an important aesthetic feature in many modern buildings. At Interior Concepts we are experts in working with and installing many different kinds of glass for a wide range of purposes. This can include clear, toughened internal glass, which is often used for office partitioning, and laminated exterior glass, which is perfect for durable and hard-wearing windows. Glass can also form an important decorative feature inside a building, for example through glass kitchen splashbacks and worktops, bespoke glass shelving, or coloured glass. We are experts at advising you on the most suitable glass for your workplace and then installing it efficiently and to very high standards.

One problem many businesses find with glass is that it can reduce privacy, overheat a building or cause glare, which can make it hard for workers to view their computer screens or workstations. Interior Concepts offers a range of solutions to help you overcome these issues while still making the most of your building’s glasswork.

One of these options is the installation of blinds. Blinds can be very versatile as anyone can adjust them to change the amount of light coming through a window. This is particularly useful on a sunny day, as they can be adjusted to take account of the movement of the sun. There are several types of blinds available. The most cost-effective option is usually roller blinds. These are made from one piece of material, usually a stiffened fabric, and can be supplied in a range of different widths to fit all kinds of windows. Another popular option for many offices is vertical blinds, which offer flexible light control and clean lines. Meanwhile, venetian blinds can be expensive, but come in a range of very attractive materials including wood and metal, and still have the advantage of being easily adjustable. If you’re unsure about which kind of blinds are the most suitable for your workplace, Interior Concepts can advise you on which would work best for you.

If you want a more permanent solution to the issue of privacy, why not consider glass film? We can cover large and small areas of glass, whether on interior or exterior windows, or on glass office partitioning. Glass film is available in a range of options including solar films, opaque or frost matt films, coloured films and textured films. We can even personalise your glass film to include your company logo, colour scheme, wording or shapes.

Lastly, signage is a very important aspect of advertising your business externally and helping visitors find their way round your premises internally. We supply and fit all kinds of workplace signage. This includes external signs to help people find your business and promote your brand, as well as internal signage to point people in the direction of locations like your reception, toilet facilities and fire exits. There are many creative options available for workplace signage, which can help reinforce your brand appearance, so it is a detail you shouldn’t overlook.

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