Some of the buildings we have worked with in the past have had huge glass windows surrounding the entire office space. While this works brilliantly for some businesses such as retail, for other companies, the lack of privacy can affect the workers and the working environment. At Interior Concepts we are experts in working with all kinds of glass and are able to fit new glass panels should the need arise.

We have many contacts and strong relationships with glass manufacturers in the area so we can supply glass as well as work with it. We can supply and work with the following kinds of glass:

  • Clear, toughened, internal glass
  • Clear, laminated, exterior glass
  • Glass kitchens splash backs
  • Glass kitchen worktops
  • Bespoke glass products and shelving
  • Coloured glass

We are also able to cover large and small areas of glass with film. This is done for a variety of reasons, not least for privacy. The films we can supply are solar films, opaque – also known as frost matt – films, coloured films and texture finish films. What is more is that we can also include your company logo, slogan, wording, shapes and more onto the glass film. This means that you can enjoy privacy while also being able to advertise the work you do. We are able to do this on interior and exterior windows and on glass partitions within the office.

If film does not appeal to you then blinds are another great solution to block out too much light or sun and to offer privacy.

Again, due to the length of time we have been operating in the building industry, we have strong relationships with suppliers of blinds so we are able to collect the product for you and install it, we are also able to advise you on the right type o blind needed for your windows.

The blinds we supply and install include vertical blinds, venetian blinds and roller blinds. Due to being function focused, vertical blinds are a popular choice for many offices. These kinds of blinds offer flexible light control and clean lines which make them very practical. They can be fit to different widths and come in a range of materials.

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats which can be pivoted using wooden or fabric cords so they control the amount of light which can pass through the window they are installed in. They can be wooden, metal or plastic.

Rollers blinds are large sections of material which roll onto a tube when in operation. The blinds are singular pieces of material rather than being slatted. These are very popular and very economical. They are often controlled using a thin chain to one side of the window. They are usually made from stiffened polyester or other fabrics.

We also supply and fit all kinds of workplace signage such as internal and external, health and safety signage, fire exit signs, window graphics, modular directories and ceiling signs.

Signage is a great way to advertise your business and can be completed in very creative and eye catching ways. Why not call us to find out what we can offer you?

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