Project management can sound very dull, but it can actually make the difference between a commercial refurbishment or construction project succeeding or failing. This is because any project will include a range of different tasks, costings, timescales, logistics and deliveries. If even just one aspect of these is set back or delayed, the whole project could end up taking longer and costing more than anticipated, or even failing altogether. So it’s vital that you use a project manager with adequate training and experience, who can look ahead to plan for any issues or contingency plans that may arise.

Interior Concepts are a leading project management firm, employing the most experienced and skilled project managers who can work with you to draw up detailed project plans incorporating every stage of your project. Our approach is very much driven around your requirements, meaning we will listen carefully to your needs and vision before we begin any work. We will normally follow these stages in any project we take on:

1. Vision

We begin any project by sitting down with you to listen to your vision and requirements, as well as any style preferences or practical needs you have, such as temporary office relocation during a refurbishment project. Doing this means we can have a watertight list of all your criteria and a full understanding of what you want to achieve.

2. Project plan

Using the knowledge gained from sitting down with you, your designated expert project manager will draw up a detailed plan for your project. This will include every task and stage of your project, along with a realistic timescale for their achievement.

3. Budget

Working out your budget is a vital part of the project management process, as it will help us to identify any aspects of your project that you may need to amend. Thanks to our extensive experience in project management, we can project costs very accurately, meaning you can be sure there won’t be any hidden extras or nasty surprises. We can commit to the total cost for your project at this stage.

4. Permissions and applications

If any planning permission or other formal applications are needed for your project, we will submit these on your behalf, to ensure everything takes place according to current legal standards. Obviously, if there are any issues or conditions placed upon these applications, we will incorporate the necessary changes into the project plan.

5. Project initiation

Once all the necessary permissions have been granted, the work can begin. We will take full responsibility for everything involved in your project. This includes managing the project on a day-to-day basis, temporarily relocating your office if this is required, carrying out the construction work, ordering and installing new furniture and other installations, and any other elements involved in the project.

A construction or refurbishment project can be a huge step in the growth of your business. We will ensure you maximise your investment by adding great project management which gives you total support every step of the way, whatever the size of your project and budget.

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