At Interior Concepts, we don’t just provide services for the structure of your building. We can also meet all your needs to IT, electrics and air conditioning, helping transform your premises from a bare shell into a fully functioning workplace.

A key part of our offering is our IT installation and set-up service. IT equipment and management form a vital part of the day-to-day functioning of the vast majority of businesses in the UK today. UK companies spend millions of pounds each year on their computing and IT equipment, but many only recognise the importance of their investment when things go wrong. For example, a charity offering online sponsorship for a fundraising event needs its computer system to maintain its connectivity to the internet, to keep its website online and to keep its records of sponsorship details. If any one of these aspects fails, the whole event could fail and negatively impact the charity’s reputation, deterring people from donating to it.

That means every pound you spend on IT is an investment in your business or organisation, so it’s vital you get it right. Interior Concepts are experts at installing and setting up IT systems for all kinds of workplaces. This includes:

  • installing and setting up computers
  • setting up workplace networks and drives
  • setting up internet access
  • installing programs on users’ computers
  • setting up any permissions that may be needed for staff to access certain programs
  • setting up telephone systems that integrate with your IT systems
  • establishing wireless technologies.

Our skilled and experienced IT support staff will work reliably, efficiently and knowledgeably ensure all your IT systems are up and running to the correct specifications, so that your computing systems fully support your business.

Interior Concepts can also install and set up other kinds of electrical systems that are vital to your business. These include fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, power installations, heating systems and air conditioning systems. We only ever use fully qualified and experienced staff to carry out these installations, as we recognise how important it is that these electrical systems function reliably and safely. So you can be confident your systems are being set up by experts.

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