At Interior Concepts we are dedicated to providing a first rate service to our clients and as such, we spend much time with our customers chatting through their requirements and expectations and offering our advice and knowledge which has been developed over many years of working within the office refurbishment industry.

We sit with our customers and talk through their list of must haves and their list of wants and their list of do not wants and we strive to meet as many of their requirements as possible without exceeding their budget. To this end we can offer practical advice about the materials and the type of ceiling to choose to match the tightest of budgets. We can also source specialist ceilings for those with added requirements such as additional sound resistance, tiles which have hygienic qualities (usually used in restaurants or schools) and tiles which offer a degree of waterproofing (this is usually tiles which can withstand humidity a little water.

What is more is that we can provide additional bonus services such as cleaning your ceiling tiles for you, repairing existing tiles and improving existing tiles. We can also insert insulation pads to reduce the loss of heat through the ceiling.

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