Office partitioning can be categorized into two main groups when specifying. Office partitioning that is required to either achieve a specific acoustic performance/fire rating or a non fire rated system. Office partitioning can be constructed in either solid or glass formats to achieve this.

Solid office partitioning that needs to achieve a specific sound reduction is usually constructed with a stud work framework, clad with single or double skinned plasterboard or sound reduction paneling and the cavity is filled with a sound absorbing material like glass fibre. Office partitioning that needs to achieve a particular fire rating can be build in the same format but may include a rockwool cavity slab infill and fire line plasterboard paneling. Acoustic office partitioning is usually sealed at all abutments with acoustic mastic and fire resisting office partitioning is usually sealed with intumescent mastics.

Glass office partitioning different db ratings can be achieved by using single or double glazed glass, utilizing 6mm thick clear laminated/toughened/pyron safety fire glass, fitted between steel lined plastic or aluminium beads and chairs and either finished with glass frost matt manifestation or integral Venetian blinds. The combination of the glass used will give you your required fire rating or acoustic value.

Solid or glass office partitioning that does not require a high performance of sound reduction or a fire rating is usually constructed with the use of composite materials, aluminium framing and honeycomb panels.

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