Refurbishing, extending or building a commercial property is a huge step in the growth of your business, and can present significant risks to your company. A key way to ensure your investment is maximised is to employ the best project management team possible.

Project management is the activity of planning, organising, delivering and controlling the resources needed to achieve set goals. In construction projects this includes costings, calculations, time scales, logistics, deliveries and co-ordinating the times when different trades will be working on the site. It can sound very dull but project management is a vital task that will determine the success or failure of any project. For example, if just one part of the schedule is delayed, it can set everything else back, leading to a longer timescale for completion and increasing costs.

This means it’s vital that you employ a skilled and experienced project manager for any kind of building project. They will use their training and expertise to look ahead for issues which may arise, set out proposed contingency plans in case problems do occur, work out any flexibility that can be built into the schedule, and then ensure everything is running to budget and schedule. This is important because nearly all projects, particularly large-scale ones, will experience disruptions or delays at some point.

A good project manager will usually follow a schedule like this to help get your building project finished successfully:

  1. Agreeing the vision and goals
  2. Working out the budget
  3. Drawing up an agreed project plan
  4. Obtaining any necessary permissions, such as planning permission
  5. Controlling and managing the project through to completion

At Interior Concepts we are dedicated to creating realistic, targeted and focused project plans, which will see your building projects finished to time and on budget. We only employ the most experienced and skilled project managers, who can oversee every detail of your project, regardless of the size of project or your budget. You can expect nothing less than total support from us.

We will follow a process like the one detailed above, beginning by sitting down with you to ensure we understand your requirements, style preferences and practical needs. This helps us to build a list of your exact criteria by which we can measure the success of your project. Our process is very much focused around you and achieving your goals, so you can be sure we will listen carefully and build our plan around you. We will also talk honestly with you about your budget for the project. This is vital, as it will help us to decide together whether there are some aspects of your vision where you may need to compromise. However, we will be entirely transparent with you about costs. Because of our vast experience in project management and excellent relationships with suppliers, we can commit to an overall fit-out cost at this early stage, meaning you don’t need to worry about hidden extras or unexpected additions. From this information we will draw up your project plan and agree any changes with you.

Only when everyone is happy will we proceed. We begin by ensuring any applications or permissions are applied for and granted. Once these are in place, the project can progress under our supervision. We take full responsibility for all aspects including temporarily relocating your office (if you require it), organising and overseeing construction works and fit out, ordering and delivering furniture, organising any necessary installations such as IT or power points, and managing all other elements of the project.

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