Suspended ceilings are assembled using a metal grid which is then filled with tiles, or a system which adopts exposed metal grid work with glass fibre tile systems. We can design, install and maintain suspended ceilings. This means we cover the task from the start through to the finish.

We advise clients on the best system to use for their needs, the cost of the system and the best manufacturers so you know the best value for money, the supply of the materials and the installation of the suspended ceiling system. All our work is carried out by qualified and experienced engineers who pay meticulous attention to their work and the finishing touches.

A suspended ceiling is not the most glamorous of works to have carried out in your office but as simple as they are, they provide a fantastic means of making an office look more professional, aesthetically pleasing and also provide very practical benefits such as additional insulation.

We can fit suspended ceilings within any sized room and/or building and we are fully equipped in how to clean and maintain suspended ceilings – being able take out tiles and wipe down whole systems. We can complete this task for large buildings and singular offices.

And if this was not all, we also provide insulation and acoustic pads for suspended ceilings. Our tiles are also varying and can be sound tiles (sound absorption tiles), thermal conductivity tiles, coloured and designer tiles, light reflection tiles and many more.

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