High-quality and comfortable furniture is vital for any office, educational establishment, reception area or home workspace. Interior Concepts offers a huge range of workspace furniture from many leading manufacturers and branded furniture suppliers. We can help you improve the look and feel of your workspace, while ensuring your customers and workers feel comfortable in their environment.

Getting started with planning a new furniture set-up can be difficult, as it’s hard to imagine how a room will look and feel with new furniture. Equally, it can be challenging to work out whether desks are the appropriate distance from fire exits and if there’s enough space for people to move freely around the space. This is where our CAD service comes to the fore. We can plot the layout of your proposed furniture plan onto a scaled drawing of the space. This will help you work out what you need and whether your vision translates into a practical reality.

Once you’ve decided on the furniture you want, we offer a range of delivery and installation options for all kinds of workspaces and educational establishments:

Office furniture

Our range includes desks, chairs, meeting room tables and chairs, storage solutions, screens and office accessories. We also help you plan details like power and IT connection blocks and cable management.
Reception area furniture

Your reception area is key to the first impression your business will make on clients and customers. Our range of welcoming reception furniture includes soft seating, low tables and counters, in a range of styles and options.

‘Break-out’ area furniture

Break-out’ areas are increasingly popular in many workplaces, as a space that can offer an ideal environment for short informal meetings or brainstorming sessions amongst your staff. We offer a range of comfortable and inviting furniture that is suitable for ‘break out’ areas and is certain to help your staff come up with their most creative ideas.

Home office furniture

Your home office may be small but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the best quality furniture to help you perform at your highest standards. We have a great variety of home office furniture in stock, and can quickly order other items to ensure they get to you with the minimum of delay.

Educational furniture

All our educational furniture conforms to British and European standard EN 1729 parts 1 and 2. We supply furniture for student use, including work desks, tables and chairs. We also provide furniture for teachers or lecturers, including desks, storage solutions, chairs and tables. If you need your furniture to be adapted to provide extra storage we can add metal or plastic trays. We currently supply furniture to a wide range of educational establishments, so understand the specific needs of schools, colleges and universities.

Bespoke hand-made furniture

Bespoke hand-made furniture can give your office a very exclusive feel. We have a wide network of highly skilled specialist craftsmen, who can design and produce furniture to order, such as reception counters, boardroom tables, chairs and much more.

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