There are many reasons for installing suspended ceilings in a home or business property, commonly for concealing ugly pipe work and hiding electrical wires. However, suspended ceilings can offer a range of less well known benefits, such as noise reduction, insulation and absorption.

Interior Concepts is a leading supplier and installer of suspended ceilings for all kinds of properties. Our extensive experience means we can spend time with each client to talk through your requirements, so that we can advise you on the best kind of ceiling tiles for you and your needs. For example, you might benefit from ceiling tiles which offer humidity resistance, hygienic properties or sound resistance. We can advise, design, supply, install and manage your suspended ceiling project to all of your requirements.

We can supply the following kinds of tiles:

  • sound absorption
  • thermal conductivity
  • coloured tiles
  • designer tiles
  • impact-resistant tiles
  • light reflective tiles
  • and many more!

Our service doesn’t just cover new suspended ceilings; we also update and make repairs to existing suspended ceilings. For example, if you want your suspended ceiling to be more noise-resistant, we can acoustic-coat the existing tiles. We can also add insulation pads which will reduce the heat lost through your suspended ceiling. Lastly, we can just give your suspended ceiling a thorough clean to return it to its former glory.

We pride ourselves in the honesty and openness of our service. We will always advise property owners whether it is worth carrying out repairs, or whether it is more appropriate to replace an entire suspended ceiling, based on its condition and intended purpose.

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