We ask many questions of our clients to ascertain their needs within their office spaces. This is an important process so we can understand what facilities are required for office workers to complete their work. The needs are vital so that your company can complete its work. For instance, a PA will need a desk and chair, filing cabinets and more. Without these items of furniture, the PA would be unable to complete their tasks. We will ensure that the right kind of desks and chairs are sourced and delivered; ones which are able to manage the task at hand. For instance, desks with drawer space may be needed or specialist chairs for those who need additional back support, or perhaps even lockable drawers or cabinets.

Once we have ascertained what our clients’ needs are for the practical side of their work, we can then set about discussing the aesthetics of the furniture which is needed. We can acquire pieces of furniture which not only meet practical needs but which also tie in with the overall look of your office space. For instance, if your company is one which encourages bold colours and contemporary design we can research coloured furniture items which have a high gloss finish.

We are experts when it comes to planning furniture for office spaces so call us today for more information or to chat to one of our friendly advisers.

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