Office partitioning is not just a wall which sections off areas of a room; they are much more than this! Partitions can divide up space using glass, veneered walls, frost glass and even partitions which offer storage.

As there is so much flexibility when it comes to the partitions on offer and the materials they can be made from, you can really make a statement about your business when you incorporate them into your offices. However the wide variety can leave customers unsure on which partitions to choose. This is where Interior Concepts can help! We can advise on the type of partition which would work best for your needs and we can also get our expert team to offer their design experience and wisdom.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing partition walls. Here are just some things to think about when choosing partition walls:

  • Glass partitions will offer a lot of extra light so they work well for darker office spaces
  • Soundproof partitions provide completely private areas within the office space you have
  • Fireproofed partitions offer a fantastic safety and security element
  • Demountable and moveable partitions are a fantastic solution for new businesses which are looking to expand as they offer flexibility in the office layout
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