Improving your premises isn’t just about structural work or partitioning. Equally important is the decoration and flooring you choose, as these can set the tone and ambience for your entire workplace, presenting a certain image to your customers and affecting the way your staff work.

At Interior Concepts, we are skilled and experienced in designing and carrying out decoration of all kinds of premises. Whether you want something bold and eye-catching or subtle and muted, our attention to detail and high-quality workmanship will ensure you achieve the finish and appearance you’re looking for. Our interior design service covers all aspects of decoration, including:

  • designing the colour scheme and appearance of your premises
  • creation of feature walls and other focal points
  • woodwork and doors, including sanding, smoothing, painting, treating and varnishing
  • painting
  • wallpapering
  • plastering
  • tiling
  • flooring

We will begin any decoration project by sitting down with you to understand your company’s ethos and branding. From this, we can blend our expertise with your vision to draw up a proposed decorative scheme that promotes and blends with your company image. For example, if you run a creative marketing agency, we may suggest bold colours, striking statement pieces and eye-catching furnishings, that will help stimulate your staff’s creativity. These could include wall art, feature walls and even brightly coloured ornaments. Alternatively, if your business is a health spa, we will suggest more muted tones to create a relaxing ambience for your staff and clients. This could make use of textured wallpapers and luxurious soft furnishings.

Our painters and wallpapers are extremely skilled. They will ensure that any painting is streak-free and has no blobs in the finish, and that wallpaper is hung smoothly, with any patterns lining up correctly. We can supply and use a range of different kinds of wallpapers, in all kinds of styles, including wipeable vinyl wallpaper, whiteboard wallpaper which can be used for writing on but easily wiped clean, and fabric-backed wallpaper which is exceptionally durable and suitable for high-traffic areas like corridors.

Our decoration service also includes preparing your property for the application of paint, wallpaper and accessories. We employed skilled plasterers who can smooth the walls of all kinds of properties, both old and new. They are also able to remove and dispose of existing plaster or just repair small areas where the plaster is damaged. We can cover up unsightly artexed ceilings and walls, and carry out dot and dab plastering.

We offer a tiling service and are confident at tiling any area, be it a bathroom, toilet, shower areas, kitchen area or garden room area. We can use ceramic, porcelain, stone and other tiles and we can tile neatly, accurately and create mosaics.

Lastly, we can supply and lay a wide range of different kinds of flooring, as well as advise you on the most appropriate flooring for any kind of room, based on how it is used. Options available include carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and wooden flooring. For example, a kitchen or bathroom would usually benefit from a hard floor which is easy to keep clean. Meanwhile, carpet tiles can be suitable for office spaces, as they help create a more comfortable ambience and are easy to replace individually if tiles are damaged or stained over time. Our service also includes the fitting of safety nosings and edging details, which we install to a very high standard, even in awkwardly-shaped rooms or corners.

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