Privacy is an important consideration in many workplaces today, particularly in more contemporary buildings which often have large glass windows that can sometimes even act as exterior walls. Large glass windows can make a building look very attractive, but they can have a negative impact on working conditions inside, making it difficult to control the temperature of the rooms and glaring onto workers’ screens.

At Interior Concepts we are leading experts in working with ways to improve the glasswork in your building, making it work for you and your workforce. Our services in this field include:

Glass supply and installation

We can supply and work with a wide range of glass for all kinds of purposes, including toughened internal glass, laminated exterior glass, glass shelving, coloured glass, kitchen splashbacks and worktops, and bespoke glass products.

Glass film

We can supply and fit glass film to improve the privacy and visibility inside your office space, including frost matt films, solar films, coloured films and textured films. The films we supply can be personalised to reflect your business brand, to include elements such as your logo and colour scheme. Glass film is suitable for both interior and exterior windows, as well as glass partitioning.


A versatile and adjustable way to control the amount of light coming into your workspace is to install blinds. There are several different kinds of blinds, which offer various benefits. For example, vertical blinds can fit to different widths of window and come in a range of materials, making them a popular choice for many offices. Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats and come in a wider range of materials, including wood, plastic and metal. They can be pivoted by a cord to control the amount of light coming through a window and can look very attractive from outside. Lastly, roller blinds are a very cost-effective option as they are made up of only one piece of material, usually stiffened polyester or other material. Our experience in the industry means we have excellent relationships with all the best manufacturers and suppliers of blinds, meaning we can collect and install the right type of blinds for your windows.

Workplace signage

At Interior Concepts we can also supply workplace signage for all purposes, including window graphics, external signs, health and safety signs such as for the fire exits, ceiling-mounted signs and modular directories. We can supply signage from a wide range of designs, and are sure to have an option that adds to the ambience of your workplace.

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