Interior Concepts is experienced and confident in carrying our decoration throughout any kind of office space. What is more is that we do not enter the decoration process blindly. We like to sit and chat to our clients to find out about their business, their style, their ethos, their brand and the image they wish to convey. We do this because it is very important for the design and decoration of an office space to reflect the nature of the business. In fact, we are experts at matching the design of an office to a company’s brand. For example, PR companies tend to be bold in their communication so often require bold colours and statements in their office design. We can do this in a variety of ways. One of the easiest ways is to bring colour into the office by the way of paint, wallpaper and accessories but we can also use design tools such as stencils or wall stickers for instance.

We have worked on projects within offices housed in large Victorian homes and have delivered plush and luxurious waiting rooms displaying textured wallpaper, blinds and artwork. We have also delivered chic, modern and minimalist design in car showrooms and offices. Whatever the style of design is required, we can deliver a fantastic look for your office.

We offer a huge range of other services such as tiling, plastering, rendering and more. We also install flooring for companies.

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