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Brief Stage

With all our clients we can offer a full project management service on and off site for any size project and budget. We always give all our clients full support every step of the way with what sometimes can be a massive step in a business’ growth or restructure. From the very start of a commercial refurbishment we involve the clients and their subordinates with our expertise. This enables us to assess your exact requirements, styles, functionality, note your team size and their aspirations and formulate a brief. By us listening at these early stages, we can transpose your vision and ideas onto paper and produce an office interior that works.

With many of our clients in the past, we have carried out an initial survey of the premises to insure the space the property agent has put forward suits their requirements. If required at this stage, we can draft on CAD the areas and check that the overall footage is large enough for the number of employees. It has been the case in the past that a client has sourced an office space but totally overlooked the fact that the welfare facilities were inadequate. We then were consulted again when they found alternative premises. In addition we can also advise at this stage on Asbestos reports, M&E layouts, DDA compliance and approximate fit-out costs. Our clients can then decide whether the space in question is suited to their needs prior to signing a lease.[/tab]

Once we have completed the previous process and the client has selected their preferred office space, we begin the planning process. We then look again at the building constraints, interdepartmental relationships, job functions, number of departments, head count, design requirements and your general working practices to insure we maximise efficiency and functionality of the workplace.

Once the previous information has all been compiled and the initial interior design is complete, we can build up a budget cost to complete the refurbishment prior to the full design being completed. Our product and vast contracting knowledge allows us to commit to a fit-out cost at this stage which gives our clients total transparency for their own internal budgeting prior to starting the refurbishment. Once these sums have been agreed we will then handle, working closely with our client, any LPA requirements/submissions prior to any construction works taking place. We then take full responsibility for the fit-out including project management, construction works, furniture installations, office relocation if required, and all other elements of the refurbishment. We monitor and control all this by our proven methods of programming, rigorous health and safety processes utilising the CDM regulations, full site documentation and critical cost planning.

Once all the designs, documentation and costs have been approved, we then commence with the construction works. We have dedicated site managers who run the projects and insure the deadlines are met, the project runs smoothly and to budget and the finished office environment is a true reflection of the drawing design. When we have completed the refurbishment, we then walk the site with our client to insure all areas are to their satisfaction and all maintenance/operators manuals are available for operating any equipment installed.

Management Services Overview

We understand from experience that moving into your new work space can sometimes be extremely stressful after being involved with all the design and construction processes. We therefore try to ensure the minimum amount of disruption throughout the process. We can provide a detailed programme of your office re-location items, including a furniture schedule, electrical/IT plan provisions, crate hire and the logistical move. We can also handle all your personnel items via special crates/labelling and careful loading/distribution to insure a seamless transition between one premise and another.

Once you have moved in and have settled into your new working environment, we try to make managing your work space as stress free as possible, as we understand what is required when it comes to day to day management of your property. We understand the health and safety regulations, fire regulations and can carry out workplace risk assessments to ensure you and your building is compliant. We also ensure that your building is kept clean and functions at its best at all times. We handle any issues which arise with your buildings and troubleshoot in order to avoid potential issues which could occur.

As with any office move, you are usually left with surplus furniture. We can offer storage for all our clients during and after an office reconfiguration at our modern state of the art warehouse facility located in West Sussex. The warehouse facility is lit and heated and offers clients good access availability throughout the working week. We are also able to offer a drop-off and collection service of furniture items as you settle into your new office.
Product / Services Overview

Partitions are a fantastic way of segregating office space without the expense of permanent walls. Partitions are usually quick to install and cheaper than permanent walls. Some partitions also offer more flexibility if the business owner wants them to be temporary. This works very well when a business is new and small but has plans to grow and develop. Demountable and moveable partitions will enable your office space to mould and shape to your changing requirements without incurring unnecessary costs every time reconfigurations are to be made.

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of solid and glass office partitions at highly competitive prices. When it comes to strength, fire and sound performance we have the expertise to specify a partition system which not only matches your requirements, but looks impressive and will also meet all the current regulations. Interior Concepts is registered and only installs all types of the highest quality partition systems from the leading UK suppliers at the most competitive prices.

The types of partitions are:

Solid partitions are predominately constructed in two different partition systems:

System one usually comprises a conventional timber/metal studwork frame with a layer of plasterboard either side of the studwork frame and a cavity infill. These systems usually are known as ‘stud type’ partitions and incorporate aluminium/timber head, wall and abutment sections and skirting boards. This partition system is usually specified when there are issues with sound transfer within the working environment or to complying with the fire regulations.

System two usually comprises an aluminium framed composite system, which in some ways fits together like meccano. Being composite, the system uses a mix of solid honeycomb plasterboard panels and aluminium sectors. This system is known as aluminium framed partition and again incorporates a skirting board and is usually specified as a budget means of dividing the office environment where sound and fire protection is not such an issue.

Either of the above partition systems can be finished with contract vinyl wall-covering or painted to suit a client’s requirements.

Glass partitions are predominately constructed in three different partition systems:

System one – glass window modules can be installed into the traditional stud type partitioning via the use of pre-assembled aluminium/timber window frames which can be single or double glazed with 6mm clear toughened safety glass and can incorporate an integral venetian type blind with controller or glass manifestation.
System two – the glass windows are incorporated into the aluminium frame of the partitioning and are secured with glazing channels and beads. Again the glass can be single or double glazed with integral blinds or glass manifestation.

System three is the frameless glass partitioning system. This system comprises a slimline head, wall and floor aluminium channel with 10mm or 12mm thick clear toughened safety glass fitted within the channels. The glass is then dry or silicone jointed. These systems are again available in single or double glazed options

NB It is a requirement under Part M of the Building Regulations for blinds or glass manifestation to be fitted to all floor to ceiling glass partitioning.

We can offer advice on all aspects of sound proofing within your working environment. We have a number of products, systems and experts available to formulate solutions with any sound problems you may have.

Operable partitions are a popular choice because they are very flexible and versatile. These partitions work well when a business is new and small but has plans to grow and develop. Operable walls can split a room into two areas and then into one larger area depending on your meeting size or space available.

We can manufacture virtually any type of door for your partition or structural openings, from the standard timber partition door with different sized/shaped vision panels in different veneers e.g. Oak, Ash, Beech to bespoke sized full height timber doors and toughened glass doors. The timber doors can also be manufactured as hollow or solid cored, fire or non-fire rated. We also manufacture doors which comply with the DDA (Design for Disabled Access) Regulations, which can be incorporated into our partition systems.

We can supply and install all types of suspended ceilings from the simple exposed grid systems which are used in most offices around the UK today to more complex concealed grid/metal tile ceiling systems. We can also install MF ceiling systems with plasterboard finishes and also fire rated ceiling systems to lift lobbies, stairwells and risers. Through our network of suppliers and our expertise we are also able in most cases to match an existing ceiling system and duplicate it.

Suspended ceilings can help reduce heat loss via their insulating properties which, in the long-term, could help with your energy bills. We can also offer ceiling tiles which have fantastic properties at reducing noise levels within the working environment and also moisture resistant tiles which are great for wet areas, e.g. shower rooms/kitchens.
It is sometimes the case that the existing ceiling systems are not damaged and are still compliant under today’s regulations, but look tired and dirty. If required, we can also clean/acoustic coat the suspended ceilings to give them a new lease of life. In some cases this is a more competitive option than replacement.

With most of our client refurbishments we complete all the decorating and finishing works. In nearly all cases the commercial space to be refurbished will require all the perimeter walls, woodwork and doors to be re-painted. This we incorporate within the overall refurbishment project once the partition walls have been installed. The building fabric and partitions can then be contrasting and work in harmony with each other rather than looking like two separate parts of the building. We have fantastic links with many major suppliers when it comes to decorating and finishes. Most of our clients who have office partitions installed select a contract vinyl wallpaper which has the added advantage that it is wipeable and comes in many colours and styles. Of course we can also apply many different types of paint finishes to give you that professional work space image.

As part of our decorating services:

We can help you specify the appropriate finishing products for your building core and internal walls.

We can source and fit via our trade suppliers market leading brands of contract vinyl wall paper, white board wallpaper in the UK.

We can help to create a feature wall which will stand out for all. We are not afraid of bold statements and will happily devise a plan and a design which perfectly mirrors your business image.

We have an extensive range of office furniture available in stock and to order. We work with a number of leading manufactures and branded suppliers. We are also registered installers for most furniture products, so can therefore handle anything from a small furniture product to a larger project with 200 plus workstations.

As part of our furniture services we offer:

Contract furniture for your day to day office/workspace requirements, including desks, screens, pedestals, chairs, accessories, meeting room tables/chairs and a comprehensive range of storage solutions. We can also offer cable management solutions for your desking which includes the power and IT connections.

Soft furniture, seating and tables for reception areas, break out areas. These are either modular seating systems or stand alone chairs and tables.

Bespoke furniture, including reception counter, boardroom tables/chairs, office desks. We have suppliers and joiners who can design and manufacture all your bespoke furniture requirements.<br>School furniture: we can source quality educational furniture from a number of registered suppliers that we partner with. This includes the furniture for the classrooms, teachers and storage solutions.

We can design, supply and install all types of workplace signage, including:

<br>External Signage<br> <br>Fire/Safety Signage<br> <br>Internal Signage<br> <br>Solar Reflective glass films.<br>

We can also design free standing signage, banners and much, much more. Just call us for more details.

We can install the following flooring:

<br>Wooden<br> <br>Vinyl<br> <br>Anti-slip safety vinyl<br> <br>Carpet tiles<br>Carpets<br>Laminates<br>Stair nosings and trims generally<br>

We work with a number of market leading suppliers of commercial grade flooring wholesalers to advise our customers on the best supply and fit solutions. This includes all types of carpet tile products, carpets, non-slip vinyl, cap and cove solutions to wet areas, laminated flooring and all safety nosings and edging details
Whatever your needs, we can supply and fit the solution.
Glass, film and blinds

We supply and install an extensive range of window blinds and glass films.

These include:

<br>Solar, opaque and colour films
Films are a light surface covering which mask glass. These are very popular and can be created in a number of designs and can include your company logos, wording, etc.<br> <br>Vinyl<br> <br>Anti-slip safety vinyl<br> <br>Vertical blinds
These can be installed into external windows and onto partitions if required. We have a number of suppliers who can offer us a full range of slats for the blinds, including fabric or vinyl (sun block) finishes, in different widths. Once we have measured the window openings, we can discuss finishes with you and then manufacture and install the product.<br>Venetian blinds
We can manufacture these blinds in wood or aluminium. Aluminium finishes are the most popular as we often incorporate the blinds into double glazed partition modules and then match the same product into the external windows of your building.<br>Roller blinds
These can be installed into external windows and onto partitions if required. We have a number of suppliers who can offer us a full range of slats for the blinds, including fabric or vinyl (sun block) finishes, in different widths. Once we have measured the window openings, we can discuss finishes with you and then manufacture and install the product.<br>Wooden blinds
We can offer Venetian type blinds in a wood and wood effect finish. Not so popular in the workspace today but still requested when our customers require timber partitions.<br>
Electrics, IT and Plumbing

We can offer you the full supply and installation of all services required within your work space. All our trades are fully insured and have the full accreditations for the services we install. At point of survey, we can offer advice on the design and installation of all your services required within the areas of your workspace.

The services included in our remit are:

<br>Power and IT installations (NIC Testing and Certification)
We can install power points, power points into trunking, fuse boards, UPS for the servers, re-wires and existing circuit testing diagnostics.<br> <br>Fire alarm systems
We can design and install fire alarm systems, maintain existing and add additional sensors/sounders to existing installations, all to BS 5839<br>Venetian blinds
We can manufacture these blinds in wood or aluminium. Aluminium finishes are the most popular as we often incorporate the blinds into double glazed partition modules and then match the same product into the external windows of your building.<br>Modular lighting (Emergency Lighting)
We can design and install all types of modular ceiling lighting, including Cat 2 fittings, LED fittings and many more units all to current standards.<br>Heating systems (GAS SAFE)
We can design, install and maintain all types of wet heating systems. Please call us for further details.<br>Air conditioning systems (Class A Rated Systems)
We can design, install and maintain all types of air conditioning systems, from a simple wall unit and condenser to a multi point system with split condensers. We also install ducted systems, all depending on the type of building and existing structure. Most of our products we now source and recommend are class ‘A’ rated, meaning there are usually grants available to help with the initial installation costs.<br>
Building Works

We carry out all aspects of general building works, from a small brick/block wall repair, cutting an opening into an existing wall, to larger extension of warehouses and out buildings. We can also offer plastering and rendering services and finishes generally.

We can also design and install mezzanine floors into warehouse or office areas. This is a very cost effective way of doubling your floor area within your existing building. We also supply and install fire resistant materials to make sure your mezzanine floor meets with building regulations requirements.

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