Interior Concepts are leading experts in the area of suspended ceilings, offering a full design, specification and installation service. Suspended ceilings can give your office a more professional ambience, as well as offering many other benefits including better insulation, improved acoustics, clever masking of infrastructure for services such as electrics and pipework, and provision of a grid platform for lighting, mechanical and service outlets. They are also easy and cost-effective to install.

Different kinds of rooms require different properties from suspended ceilings. For example, if you’re installing a suspended ceiling in a shower room, you may need tiles that offer increased resistance to humidity. For a kitchen, you’ll not only need humidity resistance but also antimicrobial properties and impact-resistant tiles. Meanwhile in an office space you may need certain acoustic or insulating properties, such as sound absorption or attenuation (dB) or thermal conductivity (U-Valve). Interior Concepts are very experienced in installing suspended ceilings in different kinds of spaces so can advise you on the right kind of ceiling tiles for any project. Additionally, if you require specific fire-rated ceiling systems for areas such as lift lobbies, stairwells and risers, we can install these systems too.

We can also advise you on the best suspended ceiling assembly for your workplace or office. This could be one of several options, such as concealed metal gridwork. This can be the ideal option if you’re choosing tiles made of mineral or metal. Alternatively, you could choose exposed metal gridwork, the most common choice for offices, which is very versatile and can work with mineral, fibre or glass tiling systems. We also offer an MF-type grid ceiling system, which has a smooth plasterboard finish. Whatever finish you’re looking for, we can advise you on the best solution for you.

If you already have a suspended ceiling which needs be repaired or improved, but you don’t want the expense of replacing it, Interior Concepts can help. We can give tired and dirty suspended ceilings a new lease of life by cleaning or acoustic-coating them. All our work will ensure your suspended ceiling complies with all legislative requirements. We can also match most existing ceiling systems if you want to extend or duplicate your suspended ceilings into new spaces in your building. This is thanks to our wide network of suppliers, from whom we can source the materials for most ceiling systems, quickly and at the best prices for you.

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