Many businesses that are expanding or offering new services choose to relocate their office to new premises. New premises can give you extra space, better facilities and the opportunity to project an enhanced image to your customer base. However, the process of office relocation can be stressful and take up a great deal of time. Interior Concepts offers a complete office relocation service that can handle all this work for you, freeing you up to concentrate on keeping your business buoyant during this time of change.

Our service can manage your entire office relocation from start to finish. That means we can project manage and programme every aspect of your move, ensuring all tasks involved are completed correctly, on time and within budget. A key aspect of this is programming your new office layout, including electrical and IT infrastructure. We will give you a detailed plan showing all the activities involved in the relocation and their timetable, so you can see that everything is proceeding according to schedule.

Interior Concepts can also handle the physical aspects of the move, including ordering crates, packing and labelling belongings, transporting the crates and your office furniture to your new premises, and carefully unpacking everything at the other end. If you have IT equipment to set up, we can also arrange for this to be done, ensuring everything is in working order when your staff arrive at their new desks the next day.

If you’re unsure about whether you will continue to need certain items of furniture in your new premises, you can take advantage of our storage service. We can take furniture to our state of the art warehouse in West Sussex, where it will be stored until you decide what you need. We can then arrange to deliver it to your new premises, or you can access the warehouse yourself to pick it up during the working week.

Lastly, a key factor of any office relocation is to set up facilities management at your new base. Interior Concepts are experts in facilities management, and can get you up and running with the minimum of stress. We can set up health and safety policies and procedures, carry out workstation assessments, ensure your building meets fire regulations, check you comply with all health and safety legislation, and of course ensure the cleanliness and smooth operation of your new workplace. We can then hand this over to you or continue to look after the facilities management of your premises.

Get in touch with Interior Concepts today to find out how we can turn your office relocation into a straightforward and stress-free operation.

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