Project management can be a very under-valued skill in business. After all, how hard can it be to plan, schedule, cost and oversee a construction or refurbishment project? In fact, it can be very difficult indeed, as most such projects will involve large numbers of tasks, external contractors, constraints and timescales. If just one of these elements is delayed, runs into trouble or goes wrong at any point, it has an impact on everything else. For example, if a building’s new lighting isn’t delivered on time, the electricians can’t complete their work, and so other tasks such as decoration, installation of fixtures and fittings and furniture placement will all be delayed, costing you time and money. That means that without effective project management, that can look ahead and make contingency plans, your commercial refurbishment or construction project could be doomed to fail.

All too often business owners overlook the importance of high-quality project management, even when they’re making the huge investment of commercial refurbishment or expansion. It’s only when things go wrong that the value of project management is realised. So, make sure you don’t make this mistake. Call Interior Concepts today to find out more about how our project management service can make the difference between success and failure of your project. Our skilled and experienced project managers will plan and schedule all necessary calculations, costings, time scales and logistics involved in your project, assessing the potential impact of any issues that may arise and putting contingency plans in place to ensure the effects of any problems are minimised.

At the beginning of any project we manage for you, we will sit down with you to discuss your vision, requirements and preferences. From this we can build a picture of what you want to achieve and the measures by which you will judge the project to be a success, whether this is completion on schedule or the highest quality finish, or a combination of measures. We use this information to put together a design and plan for the project, which blends your vision with our expertise to set out what will be achieved. Of course at this stage we will discuss the budget with you, as we believe it’s vital there are no hidden extras or costs for you to worry about. Our extensive experience in project management and our excellent network of industry suppliers means we can commit to a fit-out cost at this stage, giving you the reassurance of a set price. If there’s anything you’d like to achieve that doesn’t fall within your budget, we’ll discuss whether compromises elsewhere may be possible in order to execute your vision.

Once we have all agreed on the project plan, we will apply for any planning permissions or other applications that need to be made on your behalf. Again, our experience in this field means we know what planning officers are looking for, and so our applications are more likely to be approved first time. Once the necessary permissions are in place, work can begin and we will report to you regularly on the progress of the project.

All in all, you will find that Interior Concepts delivers the most expert and reliable project management services for your business, with realistic and focused plans that bring your aims to fruition within the parameters and timescales you require. Why look anywhere else for project management?

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