Furniture in office spaces is in constant demand. Well, it is very rare to walk into an office and not see desks, chairs, accessories and other items! As such, Interior Concepts has made it our mandate to be able to supply all sorts of furniture quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We are able to offer this service to any size office and to businesses and charities which require bespoke furniture solutions.

In fact, one of the most significant elements to our service is our ability to design Computer Aided Design (CAD) layouts of your space to show you the potential layouts and options you can choose for the environment you wish to create. This is one of the best ways to make decisions about your office design because we can adapt the computer design easily until you are happy with the final layout choice. The CAD software also gives the flexibility to show colours in the room and the finishing touches such as flowers and wall art.

This is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to furniture because it saves endless reorganisation with large and bulky furniture items. It is also able to show what bespoke furniture is needed, for example a corner reception desk and can even help with dimensions of furniture. It also shows out clients where furniture can be situated in relation to fire exits and how much space is needed for walkways and access. We use this tool to help clients visualise their space but also to maximise the space they have available to them In fact, we could not recommend this option highly enough.

We are aware of many types of furniture suppliers and we can collect, deliver, assemble where needed) and position the items of furniture you choose. We can also advise on the best places for the furniture you require, the best materials and the furniture options available to you.

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