There are many reasons why suspended ceilings are a popular choice for office areas. Suspended ceilings have a variety of designs and levels of acoustic balance and different reflection abilities to provide more or less light within your office space.

At Interior Concepts we can advise you through your options and help you achieve the balance of light, sound and the perfect design for your office space so that your ceiling ties in with the rest of the room. What is more is that we provide suspended ceilings which offer fire protection for your ceilings. Our ceilings and our engineers will fit the suspended ceilings with the fire protection so that it is fitted according to the latest fire safety regulations.

When it comes to providing increased light within your office space then we can help you to control the level of light you get in your office. We have suspended ceilings which have reflective or non-reflective surfaces. These reflective surfaces will reflect light around your office and give it a light bright and airy feel.

The design is something which we can tailor to your needs. There are various looks of a ceiling such as coloured tiles, painted and a variety of plain and coloured tiles which can be arranged in patterns. We can fit whichever requirement and the ceilings always look incredibly professional.

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