To ensure that your refurbishment or relocation project is completed without any major issues then the very best measure to put in place is to employ the services of a project manager.

Project managers are trained in time management, project schedules, calculations, trade schedules, deliveries and budgeting. These are the very mechanics of a project as it passes from the start to the finish and are all vital elements to take into account. For instance, if a time deadline is not met, then the business will not be able to begin work on the day they scheduled. The move in and the start date are often inflexible deadlines because of the business’ advertising, communications and marketing. Most projects simply must run to time, even if that time scale is tight.

Projects which run without a project manager run the very real risk of not hitting deadlines because there is no one overseeing the different elements of the task. One slip in the management could see days added to the plan.

At Interior Concepts we have a very skilled and experienced project management team. Our project managers are professional, friendly and have great expertise in the role they carry out on our refurbishments. We could not recommend this service enough; in our experience, projects which are run without the use of a project manager almost always miss deadlines and face problems.

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