The soundproof partitioning which we supply and install for our clients is of the highest quality. Soundproof partitions – which are also known as acoustic partitions – are a great way of not only segregating areas of your office space visually, as they also offer privacy from a sound perspective – fantastic for private conversations and phone calls which may need to be carried out. This could be very difficult within an office space which does not have any areas where a private conversation can be held, or any private meetings. Most companies will be in need of privacy to some degree or another; especially at end of year reviews and the like. We often install these partitions in many office areas we work within. They are popular among call centres and customer service desks.

We also offer moveable or what is also known as demountable partitions. These are partitions which can easily be placed in another space of the office. This is popular with business hubs and start up businesses which are likely to need evolving space requirements. For instance, a small start up business may want an open plan office space for the first few years of its existence as processes and departments and procedures are developed. Once the business is more firmly established and departments are developed, offices often want to partition off areas to create the right working environment and allow departments to work together without disrupting other parts of the office space.

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