It’s a little known fact that up to 25 per cent of a building’s heat is lost through its ceiling and roof spaces. That means all building owners or managers should consider ways in which to reduce this problem, if they want to keep energy costs down. A fantastic way to reduce heat loss can be to install a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings can have thermal properties or have special insulation pads added to them which reduce heat loss in a building, thus reducing energy bills and keeping buildings warmer.

These aren’t the only benefits that suspended ceilings can offer, however. Some of the other advantages of suspended ceilings in a home or office include the following:

  • concealing ugly pipework
  • hiding electrical cabling or wiring
  • reducing noise in a room, such as in a large open-plan office space
  • providing resistance to humidity, in rooms such as bathrooms
  • delivering hygienic properties, ideal for kitchens or food establishments
  • reflecting light, to increase the light in darker spaces
  • resisting impact, for example in a sports facility.

With so many potential benefits, it’s no wonder that suspended ceilings are a very popular addition to many homes and business premises. However, as well as all the practical advantages of a suspended ceiling, it can also provide a clean and stylish finish to a room. For example, the options available include coloured tiles – that will blend with an existing colour scheme – and even designer tiles. The gridwork that holds a suspended ceiling together is also an important part of the overall design and finish. Options available include concealed metal gridwork, which is ideal for mineral or metal tiles, exposed metal gridwork, which works with a range of different tiling systems, and even MF-type grids, which provide a smooth and flawless finish.

If you already have a suspended ceiling in your premises, but it’s seen better days, you may be worried about the cost of installing a new one. However, in many cases, it is entirely possible to update or repair your existing suspended ceiling. For example, you could choose to have your ceiling tiles cleaned, have them acoustic-coated to improve noise resistance, or install insulation pads to reduce the loss of heat.

At Interior Concepts, we are the experts in suspended ceilings, and will listen carefully to your needs and issues, before giving you impartial advice on all aspects of your proposed or existing suspended ceiling project. If you’re considering having improvements carried out to an existing suspended ceiling, we will advise you of the likely costs and benefits of these works, and inform you whether it would be more cost-effective and straightforward for your ceiling to be replaced altogether. If a new suspended ceiling is the right option for you, we will advise you on the best designs and properties, supply the materials, install the suspended ceiling and of course manage all aspects of this project to ensure minimal disruption to you.

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