Within many educational establishments to which we supply, skid base school chairs are used extensively. Their key attractive features are that they offer support, comfort to the user and good value for money.  The chair is available in six seat heights for different age groups and complies to BS EN 1729 parts 1 & 2:

  • 3-4 years, 260mm seat height
  • 4-6 years, 310mm seat height
  • 6-8 years, 350mm seat height
  • 8-11 years, 380mm seat height
  • 11-14 years, 430mm seat height
  • 14+ years, 460mm seat height

The skid base seat is manufactured from polypropylene which is extremely hard- wearing and is also available in eight different colours: blue, red, green, yellow, brown, violet, dark grey and mulberry.

The skid base chair has been designed to offer superior strength and stability which is often required in an educational environment.  All skid base chairs we supply are UK manufactured and come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.  The chair frames can also be manufactured in black, grey or anthracite finish and all comprise a safe, strong welded frame with the seat being fixed to the frame with tamper proof fixings.  The frames can also be fitted with a fully welded linked bracket, so when the chairs are linked together it can create a continuous run of seating.  Linked seating has the added advantage that the chairs are often harder to be moved out of place by students!

The skid base chairs can also be stacked up to 25 high which is perfect in a classroom where space can sometimes be limited and different activities sometimes take place.  The chairs can also be transported in stacked batches by our dolly cradle and tug handle which can save a great deal of time when clearing a classroom.

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