There are many different kinds of office partitioning available to help you to divide up your office space without having to create permanent walls. Office partitioning offers many benefits, including the following:

  • cheaper than permanent walls
  • quick to install
  • can create a new ambience or feel to your workspace
  • far less work than creating new permanent walls
  • can offer additional advantages such as sound reduction and fire resistance.

At Interior Concepts we offer a range of office partitioning services, including:
Framed partitioning

Framed partitioning can help you create new ‘rooms’ in your workplace. Our range offers modern styling and a wide range of highly flexible glazed and solid options, including aluminium, wood, steel and MDF.

Frameless glass partitioning

Our range of modern frameless glass partitioning will offer the additional advantages of sound reduction and fire resistance. As well as these benefits, frameless glass partitioning will suit any workspace environment.

Architectural glazing

We supply and install bespoke architectural glazing, helping you to provide a real ‘wow’ factor to your building. We can advise and support you at all stages of the process, from design and specification through to installation and finish.

Storage or operable walls

Why not make the most of your space by having storage or operable walls? These can help you maximise the storage area available to you, and give your office area a modern, contemporary feel.

Doors and drywall

Drywall is quick and easy to install, very hard-wearing and easy to repair when damaged. It is often used to conceal steel beams. Drywall can also add fire resistance to your walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, new office doors can totally transform your workspace, adding a professional feel to your premises.

At Interior Concepts we cover all aspects of office partitioning, beginning with advice and our design service to help you work out the best solution for your office space. We can then supply, install and finish the new partitioning, project-managing the whole job from start to finish. As part of our complete project management service we ensure that the project is completed quickly, within the agreed timescale and with minimal disruption to your workspace.

We also repair, upgrade and refurbish existing office partitioning systems. Why not get in touch today to find out how our complete office partitioning service can benefit your business?

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