Office partitioning is becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek for cheaper and more flexible ways of segregating their office space. Cheaper than using brickwork to divide the office floor, partitions also offer a much tidier way of partitioning off sections of the office.

At Interior Concepts we can deliver, install and oversee partitioning in all office and building spaces, whatever the size or shape. Due to our experience in this industry, we can custom-build partitions to fit into awkward spaces and install these bespoke partitions. We also stock a large variety of partition including solid partitions, glass partitions, soundproofed partitions, fireproofed partitions, demountable and moveable partitions and more. We are also well adept at repairing or enhancing existing partitions within your building.

One of our greatest strengths is sitting with our clients and chatting through the design options with them before they purchase the partitions. Due to our extensive experience in this field, we can help business owners foresee potential downfalls with ideas they may have. We have helped with innumerable design projects and spend a lot of time asking our customers exactly what they need and then help them to meet this need. Using this service can save a lot of money in the long run as changing fixtures and fittings is much more expensive after they have been installed than in the design phase. It is so important to think through all the options before decisions are made and our professional and skilled team is able to provide this.

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